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Zarzalones Canyon:
start at river source

From 59€/person

Level: 2/4

Duration: 4h

All year

Yunquera, Málaga

Zarzalones inferior: the best canyons in the province of Málaga

Zarzalones inferior is a beautiful canyon located in the heart of the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park, just 50 minutes away from Marbella and 1 hour from Málaga city, and is one of the best opportunities to do one of the best ravines in the province of Málaga, together with Guadalmina, Buitreras or Ronda. It is very close to the white village of Yunquera and has flow throughout the entire year.

This new canyoning adventure begins at the source of the Rio Grande, a beautiful emergence that comes from a large cave also called Zarzalones where green, pure and crystalline waters sprout. From there we will follow the river bed finding on the way different jumps to pools and two rappels of 10 and 21 meters.

A 4 hours canyoning experience

If you are looking for an experience that, in terms of level, is halfway between the Guadalmina canyon (3h) and the Buitreras canyon (6h), this is the best option if you are near Marbella or Malaga, with about 4h of activity and suitable for children from 9 years old. If you are in Málaga you could choose between this and the Rio Verde canyon (4h) as both are more or less the same distance.

This coming summer (from 15 June to 15 September) we have opened a special offer of 59 euros/p every Thursday from 1 single participant in an open group (minimum open group 4 participants, máx. 8 p.). The private groups are always available every day of the year with offers that adapt to the number of participants (see in footer our rates for private groups).

 Zarzalones inferior and superior, level 3

We also have the option to make the upper and lower sections of Zarzalones (6h) if you already have some experience. The upper section has numerous rappels between 10 and 28 metres and a spectacular final rappel of 45 metres that ends in the Zarzalones cave where the lower section begins. The upper section is a dry canyon in summer and you have to wait for the rain to find it with flow, but with or without is a magnificent pitch and we recommend it.

Ask about our offers for the option of the complete sections.






(15th June to 15th September)

Open group:

  • 59€/p (from 2 participant Tuesdays)

Ask for other days
If you would like to join an open group
consult with us for availability.

Private group:

  • 59€/p (groups from 8 people)
  • 69€/p (groups of 5-7 people)
  • 85€/p (groups of 4 people)
  • 320€ in total (group of 2-3 people).

Rapport photographique complet pour 4€.



(16th Septembre to 14th June)

If you would like to join an open group
consult with us for availability.

Private group:

  • 59€/p (groups from 8 people)
  • 69€/p (groups of 5 to 7 people)
  • 85€/p (groups of 4 people)
  • 320€ in total (group of 2-3 people).

Rapport photographique complet pour 4€.

COVID-19: Protective measures

  • Small open groups, up to 6 people per guide.
  • Private groups (the groups are subdivided to occupy a maximum ratio of 6 people per guide).
  • 2 meters of safety distance between participants ( that do not belong to the same family unit ).
  • Smaller safety distance between participants and guide in specific situations (the guide will follow protective measures such as mask and/or screen, gloves, gel…).
  • Alcoholic solutions available before, during and after each activity for the participants.
  • Alcoholic solutions and specific for disinfection of personal and collective material.
  • TUUR activities within the province of Malaga will be available.

(*) Participants must prove that they have no previous pathologies and are not included in the ‘vulnerable’ groups.

Swimming level: 2/4

Jumps: 4 of 3m max (optionals)

Rapels: 2 of 21m max.

No Slides

Min. age: 9 years old

Level: 2/4

Duration: 4h

Best season: all year

Location: Yunquera


Guide professionnel de canyoning
Equipement (Combinaison, harnais, casque)
Assurance responsabilité civile et accidents
– Chaussures de canyon professionnelles +9 €/p
– Reportage photographique +4 €/groupe

What to bring

0.5L/p of water, fruit (…)
Swimsuit already on, high socks, sunscreen

Sport shoes for the canyon (or rent our procanyon shoes)

Towel, dry shoes for the end of the canyon  


Cliquez sur RÉSERVER et remplissez notre formulaire en indiquant votre activité préférée, la date, les détails et le nombre de participants. Nous vous contacterons immédiatement avec la confirmation et le paiement de la réservation. Vous pouvez également nous envoyer un message WhatsApp au +34699199158


Sometimes we can help you with the transport specially from Marbella. Tell us if you need it and we will recommend a transport service or send you an offer for a pick up and drop off from your accommodation.

Location & Meeting point

Meeting point: Petrol Station of Yunquera village, Málaga, road A-366

More about Zarzalones trip

This ravine is commonly called Barranco de Río Grande and Zarzalones is the name that takes from the name of the birth.

The upwelling of Zarzalones is a treasure of nature. It is the largest natural siphon in all of Andalusia, still totally unexplored and with more than 2000 meters of flooded galleries. It is one of the mecca of spelobuceo at an international level.

Before getting into the water: Our meeting point is located in the town of Yunquera. To get to the final point of the car park, where we will start our route, we must drive through a meandering and somewhat complex network of lanes that give access to the orchards and terraces of the village of Yunquera. After overcoming this winding stretch, we will park our cars in the ‘San Pascual Light Factory’. We will distribute the equipment, and from there we will walk up to the Zarzalones cave, about 25 minutes of hiking.

The best season to enjoy this canyon trip

The whole year is a good time to make lower pitch of Zarzalones, it always has water flow. On some occasions after continuous rains, as in all ravines, it is not possible due to the strong flow of its waters and it is necessary to abstain for safety.

Although if you look for the optimal quantity of water this depends on the source and also on how much water the existing dam (built at the beginning of the 20th century) diverts. In spring and summer it is usually a good time for these two factors to occur. Our guides will indicate you.

If you want to do the upper section with water, you have to wait for the raining season and an expert to tell you when is the right moment. Dry canyons are also a very interesting alternative to do. In the Pyrenees it is a common practice among canyoning fans, although in Andalusia we are not so familiarize.

TUUR Canyoning

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This was my first time canyoning and Sergio was an incredible guide! He was professional and punctual in picking me up from the bus station for a transfer as I was coming from Malaga. He explained everything perfectly and was very helpful. They sent great information before departure detailing what to expect, what to bring, etc. I always felt safe and everyone in the group was watched out for. He was also funny and personable. It was an incredible experience in a beautiful canyon. The pictures included were impressive. He did an amazing job capturing the funny shots and I am so grateful to have them. I would highly recommend this tour and plan to use them again for another canyoning experience.

Joha Jonsson

Jun 2019

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